Yes, I’m Open!

We're an essential business

YES, I’M OPEN! Computer repair and IT services are essential services. Who knew?! I’m honored! 

I wanted to let you know that I am here for you if you have any computer issues or questions. 

A reminder: I am always happy to answer questions over the phone or email at no charge. If the answer is longer than normal, or generally more than 15 minutes, we can schedule a time that would be at a reasonable fee.

Computer Repairs & Help: Since I am considered an essential business, I can still receive your computer to provide services. I have also had a lot of success with Remote Troubleshooting! The cost is the same.

Before sharing techie thoughts…

The last 2 weeks has shown moments of joy as my family is spending exclusive time together. It’s also been times of great challenges for the same reason. I’m sure some of you share in the same sediment, especially if you have kids!

My wife and I are underway, navigating the homeschooling waters for our 6-year-old. I still don’t know how her teacher ever occupies 5 hours of her and 24 of her friends’ time without slipping at least some Kaluha in her coffee.

Our second cherub is now 8 months and teething. So he’s cute and loud. I’m told all babies are loud but don’t remember this with our first one. 

Both kids came down with the flu just as this health crisis began. They recovered fine as kids do. But I’m immunodeficient, so hearing that I’ve been kissing my cherubs that have the flu made my heart sink—wondering when I’d be carted away to the step-down ICU. But I made it! We made it. No flu for my wife or me. I’m now a believer that the flu shot does actually work.

So we continue to do our part. I’m really not supposed to be in grocery stores and public places at all with my partial immune system. So my wife has taken the big brunt of the shopping responsibilities and we both tag-team the kids. 

Now I just need to incorporate “Computer Repair” into our 1st grade homeschool curriculum! I’ll keep you posted.

Mark is an entrepreneur from Greensboro, NC. He began working with WordPress in 2002 and has since been fine-tuning his webpage experience with the designing of e-commerce websites and blogs for businesses. My Computer Solutionz was birthed in 2014 from his home mostly for web design and has grown into a well-established repair business in Greensboro, servicing both Macs and PCs.

Mark is a 1998 graduate of Elon College with a BA in Corporate Communications. He's a proud father to a 7-year-old girl, 1-year-old boy and husband to a precious wife.

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