Creating or Upgrading Your Website

It's easier than you think!

From Cookie-Cutter to Custom

We offer a range of services to get you online.  You may be looking for a quick and easy site to get up and running quickly.  You may want to customize the colors, image placement or have a complete style picked out. The possibilities are endless.

The options are YOURS:

  • You may just need assistance using WordPress, including troubleshooting plugins or coding
  • You might want a custom website made from scratch
  • Something in between?  You’ve found a site online you like and want help building something similar

You’re In The Driver Seat

Not only will we develop your site, but we’ll train you on how to use it!  A stale website is a turn-off, so keeping things updated will be important to the success of your marketing.  On-site or on-line training can be provided.

Why Not Just Facebook?

People get distracted on social media.  Besides, Facebook and other social media, will never be able to compete with the look and feel of your own website.  From the placement of multimedia, to color and styling, you’ll be sure to keep them focused and not clicking off to a cute cat video.

We’ve Got You Covered

Web design can get complicated.  Every time we turn around, there’s a new player or rules to follow.  That’s why we stay up with the latest trends on design and implementation–so you don’t have to!  We make sure your site stays compliant with:

  • Html5 coding
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • User experience & expectations
  • Safety and security best practices, including malware prevention, SSLs and credit card protection
  • Best practice for speed and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our Guarantee

No matter how complex your site becomes we guarantee all of our work to be done to your satisfaction!  If anything we’ve done doesn’t meet your needs, just let us know and we’ll make it right (on us)!

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“A Word” About WordPress

WordPress is today’s #1 open-source Content Management System (CMS)!  This is good news for you because this means you get a platform that uses the state-of-the art programming, huge flexibility, best practices, all in an easy-to-learn interface.  This way you can update your site, if you’d like, 24/7.  The flexibility is great – the usability a breeze!


Get Started Today – No Obligation!

Details & Design

You may already know the goals of your site and how you want to meet those goals.  If not, this section is for YOU!

Are you looking for:

  • Welcome Page Slider or Slideshow
  • Calendar of Events
  • Videos
  • Integration with Social Media & Sharing Buttons
  • Contact Forms
  • An SSL which will serve your site over an encrypted connection for sensitive information transfer
  • Polling/Surveys
  • Traditional pop-ups and image pop-ups

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Extras to Consider

There are probably other non-WordPress extras that will support your needs.  The list below is a list-in-progress!  Please make suggestions or just ask if there’s something more you need.

Did you know I can provide you, or your staff, training on implementing your new WordPress site?  I can host this on-site or on-line.   Interactive remote sessions are hosted via the web and by a conference call.  We record the meeting for easy re-training.  Plan 30 minutes, 2 hours, or once a month.  We’ll transition together!

Newsletter Integration
Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and other (free) services

Texting Services

The Next Steps

  1. Let’s Talk About Your Specific Needs? There’s no obligation.  We move forward when you are ready!
  2. Request a Quote.
  3. Accept or discuss quote. We offer flexible quotes based on your needs and situation.
  4. Make Your Deposit.  If you accept a price quote, typically, we ask for 1/4 to 1/2 of the cost of our projects up-front as a deposit so we can get going to work on your site.  Monthly payment plans can be arraigned with an up-front deposit.
  5. For further information on my services:


Sample Packages

Basic Web Package
~$50/month for 1st yr.
or $700-900


For Small Businesses Getting
Up & Running

Free Hosting (for 1 yr)

Up to 50 images!

Choose the layout from a template with minor changes

Up to 5 e-mail addresses

$150 deposit for monthly contract

Basic E-Commerce Package
~55/month for 1st yr.
or $800-1000.


Everything in Basic Web Package, Plus…

Shopping Cart

Credit Card Processing On Your Site

SSL Certificate (Secure Website) https://

1 Hour of Training Included

$250 deposit

Website Complete
$50-100/month for 1st yr.
or $800-1800


Everything in the Basic Web Package, plus…

3 Hours of Live, Recorded Training
Throughout the Year

Social Marketing integration and help

Up to 30 Pages

Custom Placement of Items on Main Page

Slide Show Creation with Training

Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) with Training

10 Email Addresses

Video or Audio Integration

$250 deposit