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4 Top Picks For 2020 - Free & Paid

Should I pay for a virus scan??  Is a Free one sufficient?  Most of our customers ask, “What’s the best virus scan?”

There are a couple of answers to this question.
Free vs Paid.  The main differences are the extra scanning abilities with the paid versions.  Most come with a more robust Malware scanner and sometimes things like a VPN.  For the most of us, we don’t need all of these features everyday.  For my computers, I’ll run a malware scanner (like MalwareBytes) maybe twice a year if I notice things slowing down (and uninstall it for the rest of the time).
Using Resources. All programs use up resources or memory.  The more complex the program, the more memory is used.  Complex scanners can be a good thing to keep things clean, but can have draining effects on your system.  I encourage customers to look for a virus scanner that gets good ratings on speed and also meets their needs.
Here are some highly-rated Virus Scanners that I would pick for 2020 taking the above into consideration.
Avira Free or Paid
Kaspersky Free or Paid
Microsoft Defender (Free with Windows)
Bitdefender Free or Paid

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