It’s Time To Recycle!


April 2019 marks our 4th Annual Earth-Day Recycling Event!  We are excited to be able to help you out around the house while keeping electronics from our landfills (at no charge).  Since we are a computer company, we can’t think of a better way to help out!  We are also extending the recycling this year to include batteries (any household type, including lithium) and those mercury-containing light bulbs.


Either be home at the time you schedule OR leave the items in a conspicuous place outside with a label “RECYCLING” and we will stop by to pick your items up!  For FREE.  For REAL.

Schedule a Time – Click Here and choose 2019 “Earth Day Recycling Pickup”

Items accepted: Computers, monitors, cords, phones, printers, mice, keyboards, scanners, fax machines, tablets, ALL types of home batteries, and mercury-containing light-bulbs.
Items not accepted: TVs and other large electronics.

YES, we can remove your hard-drive as well, and leave it with you or destroy it.