Recycle Your Used Laptop

Student & Work-From-Home Options Needed

Are you looking to part with old computer parts??  Well here’s your chance to do it and maybe make some cash!  As more and more people go remote, we have had several requests for old laptops.  Fortunately we’ve been able to help, but no longer have the supply.

When we recycle (or refurbish) laptops, a lot of work goes into the process to ensure we safely dispose of old data and that it will run properly for the next user.  We remove the hard drive, drill a hole (or have it shredded) and properly recycle it.  Memory is tested and sometimes upgraded, a new hard drive is installed and Windows 10 is re-installed.  Lastly, batteries and power cords are sometimes upgraded.
If you have a laptop you no longer use, consider sending me the model number and I can give you an estimate of how much I may purchase it from you (and more details)!

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Mark is a 1998 graduate of Elon College with a BA in Corporate Communications. He's a proud father to a 7-year-old girl, 1-year-old boy and husband to a precious wife.

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