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How to keep Windows 10 healthy

Among all of the changes in Windows 10, one of these is keeping your computer up at night.

Windows 10 has a lot of features, some desirable, some, well, blah!  One of these changes from Windows 7 is how they implement these features as they roll out.  At first, they were tested and tested before being released to the users.

Then in some version of Windows 8 or 10 they started rolling updates out to everyone and would gather feedback and then start working on fixes.  This made users mad, because things that seemed to work last week were messed up and some people didn’t want to be the guinea pigs.

Now, updates are available, but you you need to install them yourself for the most part!  The problem with this is that there are several versions of Windows 10 released (v 1809, 1903, 1909, 2004).  I’m finding that those with older versions, like 1809 and 1903 are the one’s you are bringing to me with issues.  They are slower, running more often, and taking up resources.

Who is running these older editions?  If you have your computer going to sleep within say an hour or less, or turn your computer off right after getting finished, Windows Updates may not have a chance to run.  Check your version.  Go to the search box in Windows and type “About this PC” and open.  Look for the Windows Version. (See below)

To update your version to the latest version (2004), type Windows Updates and click Check For Updates.  You may then be prompted to click Download and Install updates (see below) to start this process.  After it has installed, and probably restarted, go back to Windows Updates and Check for Updates as many times as you need to to ensure all the updates are complete.

If you want to keep your computer up a little longer at night to perform these tasks, try setting the sleep time to 2 or 3 hours.  Type ‘Change when my PC Sleeps’ and update that setting there.  Hopefully a little extra awake time for your computer will mean more sleep for you!  Let me know how it goes (I mean how your computer’s sleeping, not you).

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