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March 28, 2016

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I, like most people, have some experience with Microsoft Excel — but not as much as I wish I did. For the most part, I’ve used it to brainstorm ideas, budget vacations, and make simple traffic and leads calculations.

But thanks to my limited Excel skills, I’m subjecting myself to the tedium of updating my spreadsheets manually. I’m well aware that it’s causing me to miss out on a whole world of reporting automation that could save me hours and hours of time.

But when I asked a handful of my most Excel-savvy colleagues where they picked up their Excel knowledge, they all told me things like, “I mostly learned from colleagues and friends” or “When I have a specific question, I ask someone or search on Google.”

Fair enough … but as a beginner, I feel like I’d have a few too many Excel questions to have to rely on colleagues or friends to answer every one.

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