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We know what it’s like to drop your phone and see the front screen with a crack!  “It’s going to cost me half the price of the phone to get it fixed” you think.  Not anymore!  Let us help you get repaired for a fraction of the cost of your cell provider.

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Where are you located?

Greensboro, NC.  We don’t have a store-front, which is why we can keep costs low.  We will meet you and do all of our repairs while you wait, locally.  You pick a public location (in the Greensboro City limits) that you are comfortable meeting and we will have your phone fixed in about 30 minutes.

For PC and laptop repairs, you can drop off at our home office location, adjacent to the Greensboro Airport/PTIA.

How long does it take for a repair?

Desktops and Laptops take up to 7 days, but typically sooner.  This allows for unforeseen issues that can arise.  For faster service, please ask.  Some repairs can be done same-day.

Phone screen repairs can be done the same day, as long as your part is in stock.  Parts take 1-2 days to arrive.
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