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Recycling Your Device for Students & Remote Work

Do you have a laptop you no longer use?  What should you do with it?

We might buy it from you!!

When we recycle (or refurbish) laptops, a lot of work goes into the process to ensure we safely dispose of old data and that it runs properly for the next user. We remove the hard drive, drill a hole (or have it shredded) and properly recycle it. Memory is tested and sometimes upgraded, a new hard drive is installed and Windows 10 is re-installed. Lastly, batteries and power cords are sometimes upgraded.

If you have a laptop you no longer use, consider sending me the model number and I can give you an estimate of how much I may purchase it from you (and more details)!

Mark is an entrepreneur from Greensboro, NC. He began working with WordPress in 2002 and has since been fine-tuning his webpage experience with the designing of e-commerce websites and blogs for businesses. My Computer Solutionz was birthed in 2014 from his home mostly for web design and has grown into a well-established repair business in Greensboro, servicing both Macs and PCs.

Mark is a 1998 graduate of Elon College with a BA in Corporate Communications. He's a proud father to a 7-year-old girl, 1-year-old boy and husband to a precious wife.

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