5 Things To Include In Your ‘About’ Page

Do you like talking about yourself??  Most people don’t!  Even if you think you do, it probably doesn’t come naturally. If you said YES to this, do you talk in a way that “sells” your products, services, or ideas?

Here are 5 things to consider when writing (or re-writing) an About page (with helpful pointers from Amy Porterfield).

  1. Be Yourself.  Studies have shown that the more real we are when sharing about ourselves, the better engagement we get with our audience.
  2. Let Your Personality (or business’s personality) Come Out.  Your “clients” will grow to know the atmosphere you wish to create and will appreciate knowing this up front.  Besides, people appreciate consistency and like to hear the consistency in your tone.
  3. Begin By Selling.  You want to creatively use the first couple of sentences to share the best qualities about your business or YOU.  Highlight why you came into business to really capture the real you and help draw your audience in to keep reading.  If you start by telling just about yourself, you’ll likely bore people too soon.
  4. Tell Your Story.  “How did you get where you are, what you love about your work, where you dream of taking your career, and the people that you depend on while pursuing your dream.” -Amy Porterfield
  5. Use Words Carefully. “Just as important as what you’re saying is how you say it: write your About page in the same way you speak when talking to your spouse or your friends,” says Amy Porterfield.  “Try dictating your article to yourself” using a voice recorder app and then “transcribe it.”

Make sure to have someone read what you wrote out loud to you so you can hear the enthusiasm about what you do.  It’s completely OKAY to talk about yourself and promote yourself and your business!  Don’t hold back.  Just make sure it speaks about something greater than just yourself as well.

Share other suggestions and thoughts below.


What’s The Hype With Video?

film-tv-showVideos touch us!  They connect.  Inspire.  Entertain.  Engage….  That’s the hype, anyways!  But do videos effectively persuade or just overstimulate and distract?!  Can they enhance your business or marketing plan?  Even as a hobbyist, do they meet your need?  I’d value your personal thoughts in the comments below as well.

Sharing video has become easier and easier, since social media has allowed uploading video right from smartphones.  Everyone seems to be jumping on board!  They need not be fancy, either, if you look at some of the raw-looking crazy stunt videos used to sell video cameras used in extreme sports.  Even as a business owner, I have wanted a business introduction video for months now.  Mostly because it communicates so much information (more than just words) in such little time.  There are some things to consider to make it worth your time and investment, though, before jumping in that video lagoon!!  Otherwise it might be, well, the difference between an interesting distraction to someone and a valuable message causing change.

3 Things to Consider Before Making a Video:

1.  Discover a Need.  Everyone has value to add to someone’s world.  Help explain a concept, idea, or a way a product can help them.  Be useful and give something (intangible) away so they see value in your video.  Don’t just focus on YOUR product either.  No one generally cares about YOUR product until they care about YOU or your brand.  Of course that’s not always true.  But Flo, the Progressive lady, has created the brand image that has shaped who will call Progressive.  If they like Flo (the brand) then they are likely to call when they need car insurance.  Secondly, you can use the power of persuasion to even help people understand a need.  Even if you are able to clarify an emotional need, then you can create a call to action to meet that need in Step 2.

call-to-action-buttons2.  Decide on a ‘Call To Action’. What is it that you want people to do after they watch your video?  Maybe it’s just to build trust or inspire your audience (which is fine).  But if you are hoping that they enter their email address and become a follower, then make that clear and simple (with a button)!  Make it something valuable to them by fulfilling a need your bring up from step 1.  The hope is that they will do something or think differently because of what they see, and then act on it immediately (even in a small way).  But at least be sure they know where to go to have this need met later if they don’t act.

audience3.  Determine Your Audience.  Think about who you want to see this, not about your current customers (which might be the same group). Would your particular audience even see this video online?  Many times we have the right content, but the wrong context.  In other words, the right thing in the wrong place!  If the context is weak, come up with some ways to help connect them to your website or blog to see your video.  Consider other investments, like mailings or an email, etc. to lead them to your brilliant work!  You can pay money to get this in front of a particular audience, but be sure you know about whether it’s worth the investment before forking out lots of cash.  Do a smaller test first and do research if this is what you choose.

By following these short tips, you’ll be on your way to making a video that is persuasive and effective to engage your audience, while boosting your brand and hopefully sales and leads!


The Fog Around The Blog – 4 Tips For Blogging

Profile Picture of Bren ShropshireWhether you’re a seasoned, successful entrepreneur, or are at the beginning stages of developing your own business, chances are, someone has advised you to start blogging for your business.  Many people don’t really understand what a blog is, why it’s good to write one, or how to start.  So if you are slightly interested in writing a blog but find the concept as confusing as it is intimidating, here are a few basic points to get you going.

First, recognize that a blog is, by nature, an informal commentary written to communicate three things to the outside world: 1) who you are, 2) what your business is about and, most importantly, 3) how the two are connected.  Some would call this branding.  Notice I didn’t say a blog is a written description about you and your business?  A blog needs to represent you.  Your voice. Through it’s tone.

People decide to do business with people they like.  The way to get people to like you, (and I’m assuming you are, indeed, likable) is to make a connection with them. And since you can’t go around shaking hands and making eye contact with everyone you’d like to, a blog is a great platform for people to get to know you and what your business is about.

Each blog post you write needs to convey, in different ways, the impetus behind why you are doing this business in the first place, what motivates you, what you are passionate about.  The blog forum lets people get to know you through your words and your “let me share a little something with you” tone.

Secondly, try to communicate something interesting to people.  Something they don’t know.  Clear up a misconception or bring your unique thoughts and/or ideas to light, through your blog.  I’m in the wellness consulting business so I share my not-so-traditional take on health, fitness, and diets.  My objective in writing my blog is to authentically help people as I build my brand, and, consequently, my business. I suggest avoiding topics that have been beaten to death or topics that are controversial or oppositional.  People want fresh ideas.  They don’t want drama or negativity.

Third, be aware of the length of your blog. Be conversational in your writing, but don’t go on and on like the relative you avoid at family get-togethers. We live in a world that prefers, and is accustomed to, information being given to us in small amount.    The old adage, “Less is more” totally applies to blog writing.  And P.S.,  If a topic is too-broad for one entry, break it into two blog posts.  This way, you don’t have to think of a brand new topic the next time you write; breaking it down will bring your readers back, waiting in anticipation for your next post.

Lastly, try to post something twice a month, if you can.  Your post doesn’t have to provide information that will change the world, it just needs to have a little insight.  Consistently posting will put you “out there” and encourage your followers to keep reading your posts.   Worried you will run out of topics?  Don’t be.  When you decide to blog, you will automatically bring your intention to the front burner of your thoughts, which means you will likely think of topics, throughout your week, that will inspire you to want to share the information with your readers.  Not that it’s always easy.

Two things I do to help me with blog topic ideas:  1) I keep a small pad with me at all times, so when a thought comes to mind that resonates with me, I write it down.  The pad/writing thing is important because even if you are younger than me and don’t have a memory issue, life is hectic. The pearls of wisdom you are sure you won’t forget can easily get lost in the sea of clams.  2) I “collect” (on a Word document) famous sayings and profound words from world leaders and famous people. When I’m not really feeling a topic, I go to my phrases and sayings.  I include them in the beginning of the blog and connect the message (always give credit to the originator) to something that applies to my field.

Hopefully this helps and motivates you to take a stab at blogging. Talk to Mark about starting and managing a blog on your website. The rest, you can do yourself.

If you have any questions related to content, I can be reached at my email address below.


Bren Shropshire M.Ed.

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