“About Us”

Think back to when you were without a computer for a day.  If you’re like me, it’s been a long time.  The other day in a retail store I asked to use a pen and then watched everyone scurry around to find something that seemed to be on the extinction list.  It’s a shame that most businesses, in some way, need to rely on technology–even if they don’t want to.  Perhaps this is a good thing!?

My name is Mark McGinnis.  I started this business in 2014 to help bridge the gap between computers and you!  Maybe you have a failing computer and have opted out of the service plan, or your computer has lived past the warranty (good thing).  But these little “toys” can be expensive.  Maybe you own a small business needing to stay up with the times but have no idea how to make a webpage?  Or perhaps you are part of this working generation that didn’t grow up with computers at all and need help.  In any of these cases, I’d like to help!

“My Computer Solutionz’ Mission is to ‘Empower You to Embrace Technology in Your World!’

 By Providing:

  • Innovative, Personalized Webpages and Blogs
  • Remote Support and Video Chats
  • FREE Webinars and Online Tips & Tricks
  • Personalized Online Application Coaching & Computer Consulting
  • Designing and Implementing E-Commerce Storefronts

Through cost-efficient computer solutions and personalized customer support to individuals and small businesses.”

It’s my goal to provide fast, affordable, and confidential services to clients like you that need to bridge the gap and learn to embrace new technology.  Whether you need a one-hour lesson on Outlook because your work requires you to use it, or you need a complex shopping cart to sell your goods online,  let us help!!

Please use the Request a Quote page to make a generic inquiry.  For after-hours or fastest service when your son spills your coffee on your keyboard, please use the Help Me link to submit an Urgent Request for assistance.

Thanks for checking out our services.

Be empowered to meet your computing goals!  After all, it’s not just About Us!

Mark McGinnis
Owner & Designer
My Computer Solutionz


Mark is an entrepreneur from Greensboro, NC. He began working with WordPress in 2002 and has since been fine-tuning his webpage experience with the designing of e-commerce websites and blogs for businesses. My Computer Solutionz was birthed in 2014 from his home mostly for web design and has grown into a well-established repair business in Greensboro, servicing both Macs and PCs.

Mark is a 1998 graduate of Elon College with a BA in Corporate Communications. He's a proud father to a 7-year-old girl, 1-year-old boy and husband to a precious wife.