A Reminder In Times Like This

On scams and misinformation

In a time that fear is so rampant, it’s my hope to just shed some light in your on-line space.

Published Mar. 15, 2020 by Mark McGinnis

Most of us have enough occupying our minds over uncertainty and are even likely experiencing a crisis, even on a small scale.

In a crisis, as a former paramedic, I’m reminded that people often don’t act rational, calm, sane, or even anything like someone’s normal.  This abnormal behavior is actually normal in an abnormal circumstance, if you are following me!  With reminders about what is true and that things are going to get better, we pull out of this.  Our country will; you and I will too!

The internet is a great place to help us come together as community.  There are wonderful platforms, email, chat, video conferencing and more that build community.

But be reminded that the internet is also a fertile ground for mis-information and scams.  Here are a few ways to be careful, as there are people out there taking advantage of the weak and those in crisis.


Use reputable sites for your information, online shopping and entertainment

Go to sites you normally would use. Don’t click strange links that are targeting your emotions to try to get you to a website you normally wouldn’t go to. Many pop-ups and ads are targeting people’s emotions right now!

Donate to Reputable Organizations

If you do donate, go directly to the organization’s website that you want to donate to. Don’t click links or assume that an email is legitimate! Links and images in emails can be misleading and send you to incorrect sites, or even get you to download SPAM. Instead, retype the address in your web browser.

Check “Facts”! 

Even if someone on Facebook posts something about what they think is true, doesn’t make it true! Fact and fiction can both be written in the same font-type and it’s everyone’s job to decipher the difference. I know, someone just needed that reminder. Even the media spreads false information. It’s everywhere. https://www.snopes.com is a good resource to check internet facts/scams. Especially before sharing information, make sure it’s true. YOUR integrity is on the line once you share it.

If you have any comments, share in our blog online here. As always, you can contact me about security questions or concerns. Be smart. Share. And carry on!

Mark is an entrepreneur from Greensboro, NC. He began working with WordPress in 2002 and has since been fine-tuning his webpage experience with the designing of e-commerce websites and blogs for businesses. My Computer Solutionz was birthed in 2014 from his home mostly for web design and has grown into a well-established repair business in Greensboro, servicing both Macs and PCs.

Mark is a 1998 graduate of Elon College with a BA in Corporate Communications. He's a proud father to a 7-year-old girl, 1-year-old boy and husband to a precious wife.

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