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A HouseCustom Website Design

Get a custom website with the look & feel that’s YourOwn.COM!  We install and set your site up fast, with personalized service – It’s never been so easy.  Create a shopping cart, integrate social media, host a blog, and get training on how to keep it current.  Get Started…


graduation cap Training

Learn the latest tools shown to help keep up your blog, website, social channel, or just your office.  We provide remote or on-site training essential to making your small business work. Learn WordPress, MS Office, Mac/PC basics, and more.  Get Started Today!


help desk chatComputer Help Desk

Your go-to for computer troubleshooting!  Looking for fast and reasonable help with a slow or frozen computer?  We provide personalized phone, remote and local support 24/7.  Opening a New Ticket is Free! |  Replace a cracked mobile screen


gearsComputer & Application Setup

Are you tired of managing your computer projects alone?  We provide remote and on-site help setting up your essentials and professional coaching on using key programs and applications for PC/Mac.  Contact Us to Get Started!




Shopping Cart and Payment Pages
keep customers right on your site,
so it’s seamless!

You have as much control of your blog, website, or shopping cart as you want.
We provide the training & support!

Personal or video coaching included in packages to train you and your staff on your time!